Ronix Wakeboards
Ronix Wakeboards
Ronix Wakeboards

Everything You Need to Know

The Endless Pursuit of Lighter, Stronger, and Snappier

The Product Line

We source some of the best ingredients in order to create products that are top of the line and ahead of the industry standard. Check out our product line.

One TimeBomb

The perfect ensemble of instant energy and a classic 3-stage rocker. Our most iconic wakeboard series delivers a quick reaction, and a spoonful of an explosive snap off the wake, while incorporating the most in glide speed, for the least amount of drag on the water.

Boat Team | USA

One of the key owners of Ronix has made one of the most watersports iconic marks in our sport. The only member of the 1260 club has arguably been responsible for inventing more tricks behind a boat than any other rider. He was won every contest, and series many times over, designed some of the most influential and best selling products over the past 15 + years – but most importantly Danny is just one of the most real nicest gents we’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

Boost Your Airs Higher

We took our classic Thruster that’s known for high speed carves for days and throwing down the biggest bottom turns and modernized it in the blue room. The result is a new thinner profile, wider compact Bat Tail outline - designed for the updated, bigger, steeper boat wake. This new hard charger gets to point B quicker, and has more smack off the wake for added hangtime.